Hi, internet!

Like many of you, I born to a white, middle class, American family.  Also like many of you, I’ve lost track of the times I’ve heard a hipster mourn about how they wish they had a rich cultural tradition, or a middle aged, straight, white guy whine, “Where’s MY Pride Parade?”

I call bullshit.

Granted, it can be hard to spot the unique and defining aspects of your particular set of social constructs when everyone else around you is following the same behaviours and values, also without consciously identifying them as culture.  You don’t think of them as “traditions”, they’re just What You Do.

But guess what.  THAT’S WHAT CULTURE IS.

So as a goyish gaijin gadji gringa, I’m dedicating this little pocket of webspace to my favourite bit of my own culture: the foods that I associate with my northern New England upbringing, and my family.  Every society in the world has traditions of food sharing, and I’m happy to share my food traditions with you.