-I solemnly swear to you that there will be no margarine, or tofu, or “diet” anything.
This is real, hearty food intended to put meat on your bones and insulating cholesterol in your veins.  It is the gustatory equivalent of a cable-knit sweater: comforting, made with time and care, imbued with memory, warming you all the way through.

-I promise to do my best to translate these recipes into standardized amounts, but be prepared for a decent number of “pinches” and “to taste”s.
Cooking family foods is an art of experience and rote memory, of knowing which flavors work with each other, and how much of x seasoning will have the desired impact.

-I vow to record these recipes as faithfully and accurately as possible.
This will sometimes mean bouillon cubes, or canned things, or Kraft singles.  I will not apologise for any of these.  If you want to make substitutions, that’s perfectly fine.  That’s what makes a recipe “yours”.